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Conviction. Bădălău removes a false news that circulated in the press. "We won!"

Niculae Bădălău, Minister of Economy and President of PSD Giurgiu, told DC News the truth about the history of the so-called condemnation she would have had during the Communist era.

President Iohannis recently rejected the proposals for development and transport ministries for the third time, arguing that the criminal records of Olguţa Vasilescu and Mircea Draghici are not attached to the archives. Klaus Iohannis invoked the law according to which ministers should have no conviction in the past or present.

On the other hand, when Niculae Bădălau was proposed as Minister of Economy, part of the press said she was convicted during the communist period.

In these circumstances, DC News wanted to know how in the situation of appointment as minister of Bădălau, because Iohannis did not count on having a conviction, but in the case of Olguţa Vasilescu and Mircea Drăghici, the president was so categorically in their refused the files of the proposal because he had no guarantee of the clean criminal record of the two.

Minister Bădălău told us that this is a fake report of a certain part of the press that states that he would be condemned and then forgiven by former president Nicolae Ceausescu.

"We had a first conviction in 1984. Then I filed a lawsuit and won, so the first judgment was canceled, so that this second decision would normally remain valid," Bădălau told us.


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