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Chaos in the United States for a new snowstorm

Washington, United States

The Harper winter storm that hits the center of the United States has left at least three dead and has caused the cancellation of thousands of flights over the weekend, according to local media reports.

The State Highway Patrol of Missouri has confirmed the death of two people in that area due to the weather conditions that have caused several road accidents.

Bad conditions have also hit airports.

According to the Flightaware.com website, which tracks airport movements, at least 1515 flights were canceled yesterday across the country.

The USA Today newspaper re-launched at 4,280 suspended flights since Friday. The cancellations concern the airports of Fort Lauderdale, north of Miami, La Guardia, New York, and the airport of Chicago, where yesterday a plane went out illegally. Heavy snowfalls have hit the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

In a message on Twitter, the president, Donald Trump, recommended that citizens take extreme precautions.

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