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Emilio Montes, a priest of the Iglesia del Cristo de Valdepeñas, located in the municipality of Ciudad Real (Spain), became a trend in social networks, as he was caught on camera as he asked his parishioners to donate more money to the temple.

This ‘humble request’ was made through a sermon which, in the eyes of some internet users, was a shameless attitude..

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The priest, according to ‘Ok Diario’, from Spain, became a phenomenon on Twitter and ‘activated’ the creativity of several, while a wave of memes went viral referring to his 10-minute reprimand.


“Next week we will finish the job and no one has asked me how much it cost us,” Montes said. when you start your speech for more than 10 minutes.



In the video, the priest begins his speech, announcing that this time he will lengthen “a little”. Then, he explains the expenses that the parish had to incur for the rehabilitation work of the temple, of which the church has to pay 600,000 euros (more than 2 billion Colombian pesos) and are still about 80,000 (more than 360 million Colombian pesos) .

60,000 euros is a loan until 2033, at the rate of 300 euros per month, and the rest must be paid this year“Montes complained.

He also criticized some parishioners who wanted to have a separate seat for the inauguration of the works, despite knowing, as he says, that he had not contributed financially to their development.

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How can you have such a hard face! What happens is that people think we’re stupid”The priest says about the case of a person who, according to him, has been saying for 8 years that he will give the account number to the priest to pay the fee for the restorations and has not yet done so.

And the other day he called me to find him a place for the inauguration. You are the first! You are there for the first time (on the opening guest list)“He said in his statements.

How can you have such a hard face! What happens is that people think we’re stupid

“There are people who hurt you (…) Couples who both work, who are civil servants, who charge their 1900 euros and maybe a month. And they can’t, they can’t make it to the end of the month“He says, criticizing the parishioners who don’t pay more when, Montes says in the film, they have the economic capacity to do so.

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The priest recognizes the difficult situation of some people who have not been able to make their contribution in the face of economic adversity. “There are people who canceled (stopped paying) because they died or because they lost their jobs, I understand that“And then he gives the example of a woman who always paid on time, even when she was sick and had to pay for other things like the nursing home.

This, for many netizens, was the ultimate expression of cheekiness.

“There is a woman, Luisa, who had never set foot in the parish because she had never left the house. I was sick, I was blind (…) He did not waste a single month (to pay) because he loved the parish very much“He says, implying that he is dead.

There are people who canceled (stopped paying) because they died, I understand

Leave the pasta you have to the happy priest and he knows your sinsThe priest was heavily criticized on social media for treating his “stingy” parishioners.

Leave the pasta you have to the happy priest and he knows your sins

The priest was heavily criticized on social networks for trying to be “stingy” with his parishioners.

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The priest concluded his speech by asking those present not to stop paying taxes, even if the work had already been completed because “the expenses continue”.



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