Misinformation or Artifact: A New Way of Thinking About Machine Learning: Researcher considers when – and if – we should consider AI a failure –

Deep neural networks, multilayered systems built to process images and other data through the use of mathematical models, are a cornerstone of artificial intelligence. They are capable of seemingly sophisticated results, but they can also be fooled in ways ranging from relatively harmless – misidentifying one animal as another – …

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China launches mission to bring back material from the moon

The launch was broadcast live on national broadcaster CCTV, which then switched to computer animation to showcase its progress in space. Loading The typically secretive administration had previously only confirmed that the launch would be in late November. Spacecraft typically take three days to reach the moon. The mission’s key …

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Creation of self-constructed folded macrocycles with low symmetry

Two views of the main chain of the crystal structure of a perfectly unimolecular 23mer that forms spontaneously from a single monomer. Credit: Huc Group The synthesis and self-organization of biological macromolecules is essential for life on earth. Chemists at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich now report the spontaneous …

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