China Launches Spacecraft To Recover Lunar Samples – Global News

China launches spacecraft to recover lunar samplesGlobal news WATCH: China will launch the lunar probe this weekI L China launches the historic Chang’e 5 mission to collect the first lunar samples since The career of a female engineer with the Chang’e 5 moon missionCGTN Live: China launches Chang’e-5 moon …

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Equatorial space stations

A space station is thought of as an orbital vehicle capable of supporting one or more humans for a long period of time. These generally lack the main propulsion, reentry and landing systems. These vehicles have docking ports to allow rendezvous and docking of other spacecraft for the purposes of …

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A disk that forms a planet still powered by the mother cloud

Star systems such as our own form within interstellar clouds of gas and dust that collapse producing young stars surrounded by protoplanetary disks. Planets form within these protoplanetary disks, leaving clear gaps, which have recently been observed in evolved systems when the mother cloud was eliminated. ALMA has now revealed …

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