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Budget dispute in the United States – The man who does not want to end the closure – News


Mitch McConnell was the senator who interrupted the interruptions in the past. But this time everything is different. Why?

Not long ago, Senator Mitch McConnell was still a shrewd negotiator, who could also untangle complicated political knots.

"I'm the guy who gets us out of arrests," he told CNN five years ago. At the time, under President Obama, he helped end the stalemate caused by his Republican counterparts.

Democrats in anger

Today very different. The Republican majority leader in the Senate is currently blocking any bill that could bring administration back to the rails.

"The president is against individual requests that do not include border security. He would have vetoed, "McConnell explains his denial.

This upsets the Democrats. "You, you can reopen the administrative offices," said the group leader Chuck Schumer in the Senate yesterday.

Lost in the back

In fact, the votes for short-term emergency funding from the Senate administration would be fine. But, "Mitch McConnell thinks the Senate Republicans are better off and fight the president and the Democrats against each other," said Molly Reynolds, a political expert at the Brookings Institution.

In December, Mitch McConnell had been in favor of a temporary solution, but then the president fell into the back – without a wall – no compromise, so his belief. Since then, Mitch McConnell has referred to the president's veto right, but it is unclear whether the president would have made use of an emergency law on his desk, says Molly Reynolds.

Influence on the electorate

"But Mitch McConnell can not know what would happen, he tried to find out the president's bluff, to remain unyielding."

The risk is too high for the Republicans to ruin it with Donald Trump. The president has too much influence on his electorate. That's why McConnell prefers to blame the Democrats and asks Congress to finance the wall in Mexico.

"Nothing else will lead to a solution," says Mitch McConnell. In short: this soup should dose others, or another. Polls show that the majority of Americans blame the president for closing, not the congress.

The situation is becoming more precarious

The end of the arrest is meanwhile not in sight. The situation of some 800,000 unpaid federal employees is becoming increasingly precarious from week to week. They will continue to protest. The US economy could be affected, according to government calculations. Only a drastic development could solve the blockade in Congress, Molly Reynolds is convinced.

"Like long queues at airports or flight safety issues, just something that gets the issue out of the congress and increases public pressure," says Brookings expert.

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