BOMB in USA: Real Clear Politics projections no longer give Joe Biden to future US president – News from sources


Real Clear Politics, aggregator of the results published by the media channels and polls on the market, no longer gives Joe Biden as the future president of the United States of America. This is because Biden no longer appears as the Pennsylvania state winner, although he remains in the lead.

The Democratic candidate is credited with 259 voters (out of the 270 required) and Donald Trump is assigned 217.

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Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania are the states where the vote count continues and where there are allegations of fraud and will be investigated.

The situation in Pennsylvania, a key state with 20 voters, is extremely complicated. There, according to, over 80,000 cards per post are invalid. Approximately 51,000 cards were marked as received the day after they were sent, an amazing speed given the United States Postal Service (USPS) delivery time.

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Almost 35,000 arrived the same day they were shipped, which is almost impossible.

More than 23,000 other votes have an arrival date before the submission date – again impossible.

Over 9,000 do not have a ship date.

Biden has about 50,000 more votes than Trump in Pennsylvania.

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