Bomb alarm in Paris: bag full of ammunition found


WALL – While a bomb alarm was launched near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the capital of France, a bag full of ammunition was found near the Eiffel Tower.

Police evacuated the Arc de Triomphe, taking Charles de Gaul Square to the security circle for a few hours after the bomb was notified at noon. The Charles de Gaulle metro station was also closed for a short time.

As the warning was found to be unfounded, the situation returned to normal around 5pm local time.

On the other hand, a bag full of ammunition was found in the Champ-de-Mars park near the Eiffel Tower. In French media reports, it was claimed that there were 7.62 12 and 9mm type guns in the bag reported to the police.

Some users and two French local news websites shared images allegedly belonging to the bag found near the Eiffel Tower on Twitter.

In a classroom of a school in the Conflans-Sainte-Honorine district, west of the capital Paris, Charlie Hebdo’s controversial “Hz”. Samuel Paty, the teacher who showed Muhammad cartoons, was killed by beheading.

Fake bomb reports were made at the Eiffel Tower last month and at the Lyon metro station last week. (AA)

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