Bolsonaro questions Biden’s statement on the Amazon | news


The Brazilian head of state, Jair Bolsonaro, challenged the statements made by the elected president of the United States (USA), Joe Biden, about the fires in the Amazon in front of local media.


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“We recently saw a great candidate for head of state say that if the fire in the Amazon does not go out, trade sanctions will be lifted against Brazil,” said the president of the Latin American country.

Bolsonaro, referring indirectly to Biden, also added that “diplomacy alone is not enough”. “When the saliva runs out, you have to have gunpowder, otherwise it won’t work,” the Brazilian president said in his message.


The statements by the aforementioned leader are made after the US president-elect by the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, threatened to impose sanctions on Brazil, in the event that the fires in the Brazilian Amazon did not stop.

For his part, Jair Bolsonaro criticized Biden on September 30, when the then presidential candidate of the Democratic Party proposed raising a world fund of 20,000 million dollars to tackle the Amazon forest fire.

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