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Several charitable organizations have explored this concept with some success.

More than 59 days at the start of 2018, UNICEF launched an initiative called Game Chaingers, which aimed to inspire young people to do something good for society

L & # 39; Children's charity has resorted to people with powerful graphics cards in their PCs, such as gamers, to use their unused computing skills to extract Ethereum.

More than 12,000 computers were aggregated during the appeal and a total of 85 ETHs (about $ 36,000 at today's rates) was raised. Funds went to help affected or displaced children because of the Syrian civil war

For charities, this can be a way to attract supporters who can not make a financial contribution, but still want to help.

However, these patterns are not necessarily perfect. Extractive activities can be energy intensive and even harmful to the environment, which means that charitable organizations are able to do more harm than good. UNICEF stressed that its initiative did not involve further use of electricity, preventing participants from accumulating heavy invoices.

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