Bitpico collects, claiming that BTC will be "the most manipulated commodity in the world"



Bitpico, a controversial producer of misdeeds in the bitcoin world, presumably stopped beating BTC completely. The pseudonym entity, which had previously attracted attention to stress, testing the Bitcoin Cash network and trying to keep Segwit2x alive, now reported having washed the hands of the Bitcoin core altogether. However, the possibility remains that it is only the last publicity stunt of a notorious troll.

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Bitpico presumably rages up on Bitcoin Core

Bitpico was the last of the news six weeks ago, when we reported that his crew was stress-testing Bitcoin Cash network – and not out of love for it. Bitpico has made no secret of his dislike for BCH, but now it seems that he too is in love with BTC. In a tweet that has a strong smell of makeup or advertising, Bitpico wrote on August 4: "We are no longer bullish on #bitcoin $ btc and downloaded all to $ 8300. We have also sold our Why? We no longer want to participate in the most manipulated commodity in the world Bitcoin is now just a shit show Good luck! "

The claim drew the attention of the Crypto community, but was received with little attention:

  Bitpico collects, claiming that Bitcoin is

Others have speculated that Bitpico has been a Bitcoin Cash shill since forever and that the inability of his team to successfully overthrow the BCH network is was an attempt to prove his strength, citing his sudden dismissal of BTC as evidence.

Bitpico erases all tweets [19659005] In addition to provocatively declaring BTC as the "most manipulated commodity in the world", and claiming to have sold his coins on the top floor, Bitpico has continued to erase all his tweets remaining. He also updated his biography on Twitter, reiterating his opinion that "Bitcoin is a completely manipulated show of shit, just say no." If Bitpico was trying to attract attention by throwing his toys out of the wheelchair, he certainly succeeded. Few people are ready to take his statements seriously.

  Bitpico Cashes Out, claiming that Bitcoin is

Bitpico has a history of threats and therefore has never followed with them. As previously reported from the "[In November] Bitpico explained that his team was running the Segwit2x fork regardless of whether or not he liked people and claimed to have 30% of the hashrate … Following the threats of Bitpico last November, nothing has ever happened, and its 30% hashrate has never been realized. "Previously he had also threatened DDoS the Lightning Network, but again, nothing happened.

It is possible that Bitpico's non-existent hashrate, sloppy encoding and the inefficient army of DDoS are accompanied by a poor infosec, resulting in blocking of its Twitter account. It seems more likely, however, that he will return in a few days, promoting a new agenda with equally poor results.

Do you think Bitpico really sold all of his BTC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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