Bitcoin Superstore chooses TRON TRX as a new addition



TRON TRX continues to make new victories, with the latter representing a huge step towards mainstream use. The new development saw TRON become a new addition to the Bitcoin Superstore, and was entirely inspired by the community.

TRON (TRX) now on Bitcoin Superstore

TRON TRX is a cryptocurrency that needs no introduction. While the currency has once again fallen into the CoinMarketCap list, and currently holds the 14th place, it is still today one of the most popular criptos. Now, its popularity is bound to grow even more, after the currency has been chosen to join the Bitcoin Superstore and become a new legitimate payment method for over 200,000 stores.

A great deal of effort has been made to make criptos usable in the real world lately, which is a great indication that digital currencies are finally ready to be used, and not just for commerce. This is one of the reasons behind the existence of Bitcoin Superstore alone. Over time, the store has entered into partnerships with over 200,000 stores worldwide and all the cryptos supported by Bitcoin Superstore can now be used to make purchases in all of these stores at any time.

The Superstore is still open to new coins, which is why they have asked their users which crypt should be adopted later. This led to tremendous support for TRON (TRX) and the Superstore delivered. Now, TRON has joined people like BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP and LTC.

What does this mean for TRON?

As part of the Bitcoin Superstore, TRON TRX has received a huge new case of use. So far, his goal was to transform and revolutionize the entertainment industry. Although he made a great effort to achieve this goal, he nevertheless took small steps, despite the fact that he entered many partnerships.

Now, TRON TRX will become an accepted payment method that will allow the purchase of goods in over 200,000 individual stores. This will also include Amazon, and all that the user needs to do is log in to the Superstore and paste the URL of the desired item into the appropriate box. Then, they must enter the details of the shipment and choose the crypt with which they wish to pay. The rest is taken care of by the Superstore himself.

According to the Superstore announcement, customers of the service can order products from Google Express, Amazon and even an online version of Walmart. A reseller who has an online presence and does not charge any membership fees will likely be available on Bitcoin Superstore and the service team will ensure that all transactions and deliveries go smoothly. Naturally, the service itself will charge a small commission of around 2%.

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