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Bitcoin Superstore chooses TRON TRX as a new addition

[ad_2][ad_1] LAW SIDE – DOWNLOAD THIS POST AS PDF TRON TRX continues to make new victories, with the latter representing a huge step towards mainstream use. The new development saw TRON become a new addition to the Bitcoin Superstore, and was entirely inspired by the community. TRON (TRX) now on …

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XRP [XRP] accepted by Bitcoin Superstore: another payment method

[ad_2][ad_1] On 6 August, an online retailer based on the cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Superstore announced that XRP was accepted by them as a payment method. Customers can now purchase over 200,000 online stores via XRP and five other cryptocurrencies. Tweet of Bitcoin Superstore || Source: Twitter Bitcoin [BTC] Bitcoin Cash …

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