Bitcoin Choppiness Index (CHOP) helps monitor the stability and trends of the cryptographic market


Bitcoin Choppiness index to help better understand trends.

The worst fears of any operator in the cryptographic market I am the apparent lack of stability. Fortunately, the commercial aspect of cryptocurrencies mirrors its currency counterpart. Therefore, mathematical and statistical tools can be used to assist in smart predictions.

For those who do not know, A Choppiness Index (CHOP) is an indicator designed to make informed predictions. It is used to know if the the market is moved (trading sideways) o not moved (negotiation within a trend in both directions). This, as you can see, will be ideal to help determine if the Bitcoin market has stabilized below. Likewise, it can also be used to identify a Bitcoin rally or a downward trend.

As with any index, CHOP ranges from 0 to 100. Zero is the brand of extreme directional movement (positive or negative) while 100 represents the other extreme, a constant price without any long-term movement expected in either direction. Thus, the higher the CHOP value, the greater the possibility of a stable market price.

As a general rule, if the CHOP index it is more than 62 then the market is considered strongly to the side, ie it is more or less stable. If on the other hand, we read below 38, it indicates a general trend of the market in both directions.

It should be noted that at the beginning of the week, the CHOP for the price of Bitcoin compared to the US dollar, exceeded the choppy threshold (over 62). This strongly suggests a stable Bitcoin market. The last time Bitcoin's CHOP showed such results, about two weeks ago, Bitcoin saw an increase of almost $ 600.

Another encouraging sign is that in the last two months, Bitcoin's CHOP values ​​have been around 60. If you were to use this with other market indicators such as Bitcoin's support level, you can assume that Bitcoin has hit the bottom and that eventually it will move upward from this level. IT is not outside the realms of the possibility that any abrupt drop in CHOP, below 60, would indicate that the market is becoming directional again and that this direction will be upward.

While trading is still as much an art as a science, statistical tools like this if used correctly help to mitigate risk. This is particularly true in the current climate of the recent recovery in the trust markets in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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