Belgium allows everyone to have a “hug friend” in closing


Belgium allows everyone to have a “friendly caress or hug” during the closing. The Belgian government established the measure during the second block, as a way to meet people other than those with whom a person lives.

The term is “knuffelcontact” and means “friendly hug”. Everyone can have such a friend, and those who don’t have a partner can have two friends hugging each other.

This is a novelty designed to help people cope with the second blockade in Belgium, which began on November 2 and will continue until December 13, writes Mediafax.

Since the outbreak began, Belgium has reached 500,000 cases and deaths have exceeded 13,000.

Premier Alexander De Croo, who announced the second block, was clear: “We want to stop the cases, not the isolation”.

And the “friendly caress” serves precisely for this purpose: every member of a family has the right to have one, and those who do not have a partner can have two.

However, the purpose of the lockdown is to minimize physical contact, meetings with “knuffelcontacts” have precise rules: “Each family member is entitled to a mate. Families can invite them home one by one and, when it is present a caressing friend, no other visits can be received “.

The same applies to those who live alone: ​​”In addition to the caressing companion, I can invite another person, but never two at the same time”.


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