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US President Donald Trump answered questions from reporters at Andrews Air Force Base before boarding the plane ahead of the meeting in the state of Michigan.

Trump asked a reporter: “Are you disappointed with the breaking of the ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan?” He answered his question as follows:

* Azerbaijan and Armenia fail to reach agreement. They have been dealing with this problem for years. Yes, it is disappointing to see the truce broken. But this is something that happens in countries that have been at odds for a long time. They will reunite again.


The tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia that began on September 27 has not abated … Armenia, which two weeks ago sat at the table with the mediation of Russia and agreed on a humanitarian ceasefire, soon attacked many civilian settlements, especially Ganja , the second largest city of Azerbaijan.

Following the attacks that killed scores of civilians, the US State Department announced in a written statement that the parties have agreed to implement a humanitarian ceasefire.

A few minutes after the ceasefire officially began, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry announced that the Armenian army had targeted Terter and many civilian settlements in the region and said the ceasefire was broken following the attack of Armenia. (İHA)

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