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Attempt STATE LOVE. The soldiers forced entry into the presidential palace

"So far, 25 have been arrested on the insurrection site" in the north of Caracas "and two others have been arrested elsewhere," Diosdado Cabello, president of the constituent assembly, a member of the regime, told the press. .

At 02.50 (06.50 GMT), a group of indeterminate numbers of troops of the Bolivarian National Guard in Macarao (west) triggered an insurrection, the army said in a statement, stressing that the situation is under control.

According to the army, the soldiers stole a "batch of war weapons" from a military station in Petare (east), then went to a barracks in the district of Cotiza, in the north of the capital.

On the road to the barracks, in the dark, the rebels, armed and uncovered faces recorded video messages on social networks where they criticized Nicolas Maduro and asked for the support of the population.

The revolt took place in the context of the appeal of opposition to Wednesday's protest for a transitional government and an appeal for free elections. It was the first major mobilization after the great events of 2017 that led to 125 deaths.

Taking up the offensive in recent weeks, the opposition, the majority in parliament, has declared illegitimately Nicolas Maduro, invested for his second term on January 10th. The opposition disputes the outcome of the presidential elections of May 20, not recognized by much of the international community.

The Supreme Court, a supporter of the regime, replied on Monday declaring the parliamentary leadership to be illegitimate. The institution "does not have a valid leadership (…), so all its acts are not valid", according to the decision of the highest court in the country.

Last week, in an attempt to decipher the support of the army to the president of the country, the parliament promised "the amnesty" to "civil and military officials" who would refuse to recognize the second mandate of Nicolas Maduro, inform Agerpres.

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