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Arrest in the United States: Trump eliminates Pelosis's journey

The president of the United States Trump refers the trip of the president of the House Pelosi. The Democrat should stay in Washington to negotiate ways out of closure.

In the US budget dispute, President Donald Trump canceled a trip to Democratic Maxim Nancy Pelosi. "Because of the closure, unfortunately, I have to tell you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan has been postponed," Trump wrote in a letter to the Speaker of the House. Hairy but could fly line if they wanted to. The Democrat wanted to meet, among others, on Friday in Brussels with the EU foreign policy official Federica Mogherini.

The president calls travel "PR event"

Trump insinuated in the letter, Pelosi travels only for public relations purposes. "With 800,000 large American workers without pay, you certainly agree that postponing this PR event is absolutely appropriate," he wrote referring to the trip. Pelosi should rather negotiate with him right now on a solution in the budget dispute.

Trump's decision acted as a rematch for Pelosi's suggestion of the previous day to postpone a scheduled speech to Congress or just a written statement. Reasons for the security of reason for the expected speech of 29 January: serving as a body of protection of the secret service of the president and the Ministry of internal security have not been paid for almost four weeks.

Trump also attacks Pelosi in the speech

Speaking to the Department of Defense, Trump said that the Democrats in the House and the Senate will want to negotiate with him, but "the Pelosi spokesman will not allow them to negotiate". He did not name the evidence for his thesis. The Democrats were very closed against the construction of a wall.

For almost four weeks, parts of the government apparatus were shut down in the United States because, due to the wall dispute Trump requested on the Mexican border, there was no time for the adoption of a budget law. Trump refuses to sign a law that does not include money for the wall. The Democrats, whose votes rely on Congress, reject it.

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