“Antibody levels drop rapidly after coronavirus infection,” says British study after testing 350,000 people


But in the latest batch of tests in September, only 44 out of 1,000 people tested positive for antibodies.

“Immunity is declining quite fast, we are only three months away from our first test cycle and we are already showing a 26% drop in antibodies,” said Prof. Helen Ward, one of the researchers.

The decrease was greater in those over the age of 65 than in the younger age groups and in those without symptoms than in those who had more severe forms of COVID.

The number of healthcare workers with antibodies has remained relatively high, which the researchers suggest may be due to regular exposure to the virus.

Researchers hope the second infection is easier than the first, even if immunity wanes, because the body should have an “immune memory” of the first infection and should know how to fight the virus.

“The vaccine response may behave differently from the natural infection response, so the need for a vaccine is still very high,” said Professor Paul Elliott, director of the REACT-2 study.

This isn’t the first time researchers have warned that the body’s immunity to coronavirus infection is short-lived.

A Chinese study published in the scientific journal Nature Medicine on June 18 shows that the levels of an antibody in the body of patients cured of COVID-19 dropped dramatically in two to three months after infection.

Additionally, another study, this time from Finland, showed that antibodies from patients diagnosed with COVID-19 remain in the body after infection, but provide immunity for only a few months.


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