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"An Israeli air attack denied"

Syrian state media reported that air defense systems have rejected Israeli air raids against the international airport near Damascus.

He said the Syrian state television air defense systems prevent the achievement of the attack. Israel, Damascus International Airport, the region launched 6 missiles, 5 of them were destroyed, someone was directed to an empty area.

Those living in the capital said they heard 5 explosive sounds on Sunday morning. It is estimated that this is the sound of air defenses that are launched into the air.

The Syrian state media reported that Israeli aircraft have recently used Lebanese airspace to attack the internal parts of Syria.

According to news in America, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had previously announced that his country had hit hundreds of targets related to Iran and Hezbollah in Syria.

Against the declaration of Damascus, Israel has not yet found an explanation.

The Israeli army, however, later said that the defense system, Iron Dome, neutralized a rocket launched from the northern part of the Golan Hills.

A roadside bomb exploded south of Damascus in the early hours of Sunday. No one died or injured in the explosion. State media said the bomb's target was the military checkpoint in the region.

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