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Adrian Ţuţuianu SCOATE ARTILERIA heavy in the war with the PSD: I avoided until now – Information on the sources

Political superficiality and lack of interest are the main reasons for the long list of unrealistic achievements in the endowment of the Romanian armed forces – There are allegations that Senator Adrian Ţuţuianu leads to PSD.

"I have avoided so far to face the problems of the Romanian armed forces because, after leaving the head of the Ministry of National Defense, some might have thought it was frustrating.

But now, as in future approaches, I will analyze the arguments on the ground because they are essential elements that can not go unnoticed.


On 1 August 2017, the Supreme Council of Defense of the Country (CSAT) was presented, which adopted the Romanian Army endowment plan for the period 2017-2026. The endowment plan was, at least in declarative terms, supported by PSD in the voice of Liviu Dragnea. Furthermore, this endowment plan represents a necessity of the Romanian Armed Forces in the current global security context, but also a commitment of the PSD and of the entire political class.

Second: Romania has pledged to provide a budget of 2% of GDP for the army's endowment. In 2017, 1.81% has been spent and in 2018 we are convinced that we will find a similar figure when the budget is published.

————————————————– ———————

The procurement plan includes 8 major projects, each worth over 100 million euros, namely:

4 multifunctional corvettes with associated equipment (ship-to-ship missiles, airplanes, ammunition, cryptography) worth € 1.6 billion – suspended, reported to the Attorney's Office at HCCJ.

3 anti-ship missile launching systems (SIML) worth 200 million – auction launched only on 1 October 2018.

the upgrading of 48 MLI-84M combat, estimated cost of 138 million euros – race in preparation (virtually nothing was done in 2018).

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armored carriers for 8X8 and 4X4 troops, worth 370 million euros – underway, with the statement that there is a strong block in the relationship between General Dynamics European Land Systems and Mowag GmbH (Germany). And the thing that makes us suffer the most is that the project of production of an armored transporter at the Moreni mechanical factory has not made further progress.

C4I communication systems with ISTAR integration capacity worth 180 million euros – in preparation.

7 HSAM worth EUR 4 billion (4 for the Air Force and 3 for the Land Forces) – ongoing – on this project, only on the day I left the Ministry obtained congressional approval of the United States.

21 SHORAD-VSHORAD integrated weapons systems worth 2.1 billion euros – in preparation.

€ 690 million Large launchers Multi launchers (3 systems of 18 launching plants and 54 launching plants) – in progress.

FIRST CONCLUSION: a year and a half later, we discover that many of these vital projects are in various stages of deferral and non-implementation! Causes: political irresponsibility, superficial government, attempt to solve personal problems with the money of the country.

I'll be back with the rest of the conclusions in the second part of the analysis, "writes Adrian Ţuţuianu on Facebook.

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