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Accident in Sweden: Victims of Swiss accidents are allowed at home

The bodies of the six Swiss are admitted to their homeland. This is confirmed by the Swedish and Swiss authorities. The formal identification is complete.

The bodies of the six young Swiss who crashed in an accident with their minibus last weekend in the town of Masugnsbyn, in the north of Sweden, are allowed to return home. This is reported by the Swedish authorities and the municipality of Adelboden BE.

In the meantime it has been possible to identify all six bodies. "Victims will be sent back to Switzerland as quickly as possible and handed over to their families," continues Sweden. When and how transport takes place, it was not intended to be referred to the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA).

The only survivor of the accident, the 23-year-old Adelbodner Sven T. *, was allowed to leave Sweden on Tuesday. He is doing well according to the circumstances, said his community at the request of relatives.

The men wore their seat belts

The Swiss and Swedish authorities did not expect return transportation to take place before the start of next week. The investigator Emma Lindberg justified it with the fact that the body could not be accurately identified by forensic scientists.

With the return of the corpses, another section of the tragic accident is completed. The first circumstances of the accident were announced on Thursday. The authorities state that no defects were found on the vehicles that could have caused the accident. In addition, the researcher Emma Lindberg writes: "All the people involved in the accident wore their seat belts".

Steering and braking could not be tested because they had been completely destroyed by the accident. (PMA)

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