A four-year-old boy loses his father and mother, both victims of Covid-19


R.aiden Gonzalez will turn five this month, a date that will be marked by the absence of his parents.

Adam is Mariah Gonzalez died a victim of Covid-19. Mariah died this month from October, just a few months after the pandemic you killed your husband.

The boy is now in the care of his grandmother, Rozie, that a NBC The news is that the child always says that his greatest wish is to have his parents back.

“What can I tell you? I’m just telling you that parents are now angels who are always watching over us and protecting us,” she says. Rozie.

The family tragedy occurred when a colleague of Adam, what it was truck driver, positive result for Covid-19. This was what infected the child’s father, which out of 3 June had to be admitted. When Adam was hospitalized, doctors said this was one of the worst cases they had on hand and, days later, on the 23rd. June, ended up dying. He was 33 years old.

Mariah, 29, was still in mourning for her husband when in early October he felt bad. Hours after the first symptoms, he died. Only at the autopsy did they discover that it was infected.

Devastated by the situation, Rozie however he feels he cannot lower his arms, because he has the education of a child who is what gave him the strength to go on. “He is very affectionate and always says how much he likes me,” says the grandmother, of which objective it is being able to prepare a birthday party that allows the grandson to forget, at least for a moment, the tragedy that happened.

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