2020 US Elections – Trump Causes Riots – And Republican Faiths Are Pulling With Them – News



The president of the United States can hardly transform the election result. But yell “do it” to the end, it’s still possible.

It’s as if President Trump and the Republicans have been working on a long-written script. For six months now, the suspicion has been spreading that the American elections will not go well. In doing so, they are based on the mere assumption that voting by mail is easier to manipulate than voting in person.

The attack on mail-order voting had little success

The latter causes are also not very specific. In Pennsylvania, for example, the Trump campaign argues that the identities of citizens who voted by letter were verified less vigorously than those who visited a polling station.

Courts should then disqualify the postal vote itself, retroactively after President Trump lost the election. It is hardly conceivable that a court would support this claim.

Republicans fear for the future

Yet leading Republicans pretend to be a legitimate and important process, like Senator Lindsey Graham. Every single case of fraud needs to be exposed, he told Fox News: If Republicans didn’t immediately do something against mail-order voting, they would never see inside the White House again.

In fact, roughly twice as many citizens voted by letter this year and the majority voted for Joe Biden. It’s bitter to Republicans, but defeat is no cause for complaint at all.

The Minister of Justice breaks the taboo

Now the Justice Department is helping the Trump administration. Yesterday, Attorney General William Barr allowed his lawyers to investigate cases of election fraud before states certified their election results. Previously this was a taboo, under a rule in place since 1980 and intended to prevent federal authorities from interfering in the elections.

Barr specifies that action can only be taken if there is substantial initial suspicion. This means that hardly any investigation can currently be expected. But the message is out. Even the Justice Department somehow thinks that something about the election result is not kosher.

Trump’s strategy shows success

According to a poll, 70% of Republican voters now doubt Democrat Joe Biden’s victory. And this is probably the real goal of President Trump and his Republican faithful: “do it” as much as possible when he leaves the White House. scream, keep the base warm until the last whistle and then.

One wonders where the famous American sportsmanship has gone.

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