2020 American elections: results and predictions


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2020 US Election Results: Here you can find all the results and predictions. This is the current state of the fight between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the United States.

American elections
2020 will be the duel between incumbents
Donald Trump
for Republicans and challengers
Joe Biden
he opted for the Democrats. The results are still pending on November 6: it’s a tight race. In this article you will learn all the election results of the
United States of America
always immediately.

In addition to the result, you will also find information on how the latest votes and predictions for the US elections went.

US Election Results 2020: US Results – Current Situation

Don’t want to miss any results for the 2020 US elections? We always show the current state in the United States in these graphs:

2020 US Election Results: Live Results

Here in our live ticker you can also find out all the current results and predictions for the outcome of the US elections:

US Elections 2020 – Result – These states will decide on the winners of the US elections

When the final votes are counted on Thursday, it looks like Joe Biden will have some advantages. It is ahead in Nevada and Arizona and could secure the necessary number of 270 voters with these two states.

In Nevada, however, the race is still close. In the states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia, also not yet counted, it is not yet possible to name the winners. Donald Trump drives here – but Biden has caught up with the postal vote count. Even in Alaska it continues to count. Everything there looks like a clear victory for Trump.

Predictions for the 2020 US election: these were the poll results for Donald Trump and Joe Biden

What was the last prediction before the 2020 US election? You can find the polls here. It was about who the voters would choose: Donald Trump or Joe Biden? But you can’t vote for either of them, so the values ​​don’t have to go up to 100 percent.

These were the latest poll results for the 2020 U.S. election, in which Biden was clearly in the lead – numbers that were far from confirmed in the actual election.

(October 31st)
Fox News
(October 29)
(October 26)
Joe Biden 52 percent 52 percent 54 percent
Donald Trump 42 percent 44 percent 42 percent

An important note: polls express how people in the United States would decide in percentage terms. In US elections, however, so-called “voters” are determined according to national rules – or “voters”, after all, this office is also held by women. These “voters” then cast the deciding votes. This electoral system also allows a candidate to win an election that has received fewer votes overall from the population. (sge)

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