Zerion launches Tokenary to make the Ethereum wallets easy to use


One of the things that constantly restrain the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies is their complexity. The technicians know how to navigate in these new waters, but the average consumer has difficulty.

Zerion, which is building technology for a tokenised financial system, today announced Tokenary, a new Ethereum portfolio that the company claims is easy enough to allow everyone

The idea?

Rendi etereum and other tokens so easy to manage that people can own and use a wallet that supports frequent consumption, similar to the way they use credit cards and internet banking today. Tokenary is designed to eradicate the long bank delays and high commissions associated with today's cryptocurrencies.

Tokenary synchronizes users' wallets and portfolios across all Apple devices via iCloud. The private keys remain on the device, keeping them safe from any violation of privacy.

"Immediately after the keys are generated, they are immediately encrypted and inserted into the key ring," Tokenary chief developer Ivan Grachev told me. "Private keys are always kept locally to ensure their security, and the application uses Face ID and Touch ID to protect unauthorized access."

This is important because some Ethereum portfolios have been subject to violations security since launch, causing users to lose their token and their confidence in such solutions. [19659002] "Some research suggests that mobile portfolios are on average safer than web-based ones, like MEW, because users do not have to import their keys into an app every time they want to make transactions", said Grachev. "In addition, each app runs in its own sandbox and its memory is separate from other potentially harmful apps."

Through Apple's cloud infrastructure, Tokenary synchronizes user activity through their Apple devices. making transaction execution relatively easy, when and where it is needed. Whether it's iPhone, iPad or Mac, the app sends notifications for all important portfolio activities so that the user does not miss a major change in the status of their positions.

Once, the address is connected, the app automatically detects all ERC-20 tokens on all accounts, eliminating the need for users to manually add them.

The token is focused on the storage of cryptocurrencies, not on the conversion of these tokens into legal currencies, such as the US dollar. [19659002] "We currently do not have an option to convert ETH to fiat and we do not plan to implement it in the near future because Zerion's main focus is on tokenised finance," Grachev said. "We are already working on the native interface for the exchange of tokens without trust through the Bancor, AirSwap and 0x protocols, after which users will be able to simply choose their favorite decentralized exchanges and commercial tokens in just a few taps." [19659002] So, what will be next

"Tokenary was created with a vision to provide the simplest and most convenient token wallet," Grachev said. "With the emergence of various token protocols, we decided to support as many as possible, our next goal is ERC-721, a protocol for non-fungible tokens, or simply collectible."

Zerion is also working additional additions to increase the platform's ability for its users.

"Another milestone for Tokenary is integrating a distributed app browser (dApp) to provide users with access to thousands of dApps for Ethereum," said Grachev. "This will include decentralized exchanges, markets, games and more.Finally, for users with large cryptocurrency investments, we will add support for hardware portfolios, such as Ledger in our MacOS app. This will provide an additional level of security for Tokenary users. . "

The Ethereum Tokenary Portfolio is available from today on the App Store and Mac Store.

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