You can now send and receive Litecoin (LTC) on Facebook Messenger using Lite.IM


The Lite.IM team, the project from the Republic of Zulu that transformed Litecoin's (LTC) SMS payments into reality, has just announced that users of their platform can now send and receive LTCs via Facebook Messenger. In the Twitter announcement, the team quickly specified that LTC and Lite.IM can now be used by over 2 billion global users of the popular social media platform.

We are happy to announce it @liteim_official is now available on Facebook Messenger. 2 billion + @Facebook users now have direct access to easily, securely, send, manage and invest in Litecoin.

The complete tweet can be found below.

Getting started

  1. Users willing to try the service, must start a conversation with Lite.IM using the messaging link
  2. Once the conversation is started, the user is asked to register after accepting the terms and conditions of use of the service
  3. After registration, you will be asked to enter your primary email address
  4. Once done, you will be asked for the phone number in the following format: +[country][number]
  5. The service will then send an SMS code to be confirmed
  6. After confirming the code, you will be prompted to enter a secure password for your Lite.IM account
  7. An LTC portfolio address will then be provided
  8. You are now set up to send and receive LTC on Facebook Messenger

Also available on Telegram Messenger

The Lite.IM team launched the Litecoin service for the first time on Telegram's popular messaging application. All a user needs to do is open his website at and follow the instructions to type in a phone number. After that, you will receive a text message asking you to follow the link that opens a conversation with the Lite.IM bot on the platform.

During the launch of the Telegram service in August, Charlie Lee had invited the crypto community to focus more on the adoption of encryption during the current bear market. His words were in reference to the new Lite.IM Telegram service.

Zulu Republic Team, the creators of Lite.IM, said this about the launch of Telegram.

From the first day of the Zulu Republic, we have been guided by a vision of how the world might look if the founding ideals of the cryptocurrency revolution were actually realized …

Today we bring this vision a step closer to reality by announcing, a new project by the Republic of Zulu which aims to expand access to cryptocurrency to a wider population than ever before. offers Litecoin services to anyone who also has a basic mobile phone, regardless of whether or not he has access to the Internet.

With a simple Telegram or SMS message, users will be able to interact with the Litecoin blockchain, sending and receiving funds from anywhere in the world where a cell phone signal can be found.

What are your opinions on Litecoin's Lite.IM service on Telegram and Facebook Messenger? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Image courtesy of Lite.IM]

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