XRP, XLM, ADA, TRX and other prices


For the Ripple (XRP) and Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency communities, they paid a favorable reference to the coinbase website and the mobile app this week, as they demonstrate greater openness to multiple digital tokens added to the exchange. Why is this theorized? Because both have 45 additional cryptocurrencies that still need to be supported on the trading platform.

Together with these digital resources, it is clearly shown that the usual analysis experts have become all too familiar, including monitoring variables such as price, 24-hour variations in markets, market capitalization and the chart that accompanies the 39; user displays the movement of the digital asset.

Below is a screenshot of some of the digital resources displayed on the Coinbase website for better viewing.

11 of the 45 new digital resources drawn on Coinbase. Source, Coinbase.com

I hope in a future expansion of ads on Coinbase

In the last days, the Coinbase exchange has announced that it has started to implement plans to accelerate the entire process of listing new digital resources on the platform. The intention of this new process is to allow the rapid addition of cryptocurrencies that would otherwise comply with the Coinbase standards and comply with local law.

This same exchange has also started the process of making the whole cryptocurrency negotiation process much simpler for its growing user base.

It is with the above intentions expressly made by Coinbase, that XRP and TRX supporters have taken on Twitter to express their opinions on the website and app and on the fact that they both viewed 45 additional currencies.

The popular TRX supporter, @WLFOFMYST, tweeted the following:

"Whatever your feelings about Coinbase (I have some negative ones), I'm the big dog on the block, they seem to be taking their crap together." IF "they end up listing the first 50 #cryptos (now on their site) the crypt sky opens imo $ trx #trx #tron "

Shortly after posting this, the same feelings were reflected by the XRP @XrpMR booster, which writes the following:

Do you have any particular point of view on Coinbase that shows another 45 cryptocurrencies next to its existing resources? And the fact that it is displayed both on the website and on the mobile application? Is this a future sign of where Coinbase is going with its listings?

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