XRP, TRX or ADA: which one has the highest side?



Investing in coins that have already reached the peak of their potential will not take you very far as many of them can only get off there. Instead, you should look for the currency that has yet to reach its full potential. For this reason we have created three suggestions that are more likely to become the next big thing in the encrypted world, and those are XRP, TRON (TRX) and Cardano (ADA). Now let's see what each of these coins offers and what makes them a good investment.

1. XRP

XRP is a cryptocurrency that was developed by a company called Ripple Labs. Since its launch, XRP has made headlines almost every day. His goal was to enter into partnerships with the largest possible number of banks and financial institutions, and he was very enthusiastic. These days, the number of banks and financial institutions that have entered into a partnership with this currency exceeds 70.

While banks are generally suspicious of criptos, XRP has become one of the best choices for them. This is due to the fact that it has some of the best products that allow faster and cheaper cross-border payments to date. Sending international payments has become one of the major needs of the modern world, and the problem is that most banks still use technology that is considered almost primitive by today's standards. This is where Ripple's products shine, like xRapid, and what makes it so popular.

Of course, XRP was also one of the most stable currencies in the bear market this year. A lot of people have hypothesized that the currency has obtained it thanks to its centralized nature, since many claim that the company behind it is controlling it. In fact, Ripple has faced multiple causes based on this belief. Still, society continues to deny it, and they have also taken extra steps towards the decentralization of Ripple

. While the XRP value remains relatively low, especially considering all of its recent results, the currency continues to hold the third largest crypt by market capitalization, with its price at $ 0.343030. However, the fact that it is sought by all these banks and financial institutions definitely shows that XRP is bound to have a bright future.


TRON is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies to date, and has made some important steps towards mass adoption and mainstream use recently. It has one of the largest and most sustained communities ever seen, and is led by its founder, Justin Sun.

TRON was definitely one of the most enlightened developments in the course of this year. He successfully launched a TestNet, followed by a launch of his MainNet. He went through a symbolic migration, where his coins left the Ethereum network and settled on the TRON blockchain. He also launched the TRON Virtual Machine and managed to acquire BitTorrent, which has since become an important aspect of his new Project Atlas. It has also entered into more partnerships than we can count on, and some of them have also led TRX to become an official payment on partners' websites.

The most recent winnings for TRON include the currency listed on the LINE, BITBOX, as well as Bitcoin Superstore, which allowed its holders to buy assets from over 200,000 online stores.

The ultimate goal of TRON is to bring about decentralization of the Internet and revolutionize the entertainment industry. After all we've seen so far if anyone has a chance to achieve this, it's TRON. Despite everything, the price of TRON continues to remain rather low, with the current value of TRX at $ 0.022464. However, it has seen a 6.78% increase in the last 24 hours, and things look good for now. He even managed to return to 11th place on the list of the biggest criptos by market capitalization, after he slipped to 13th place a few days ago.

3. Cardano (ADA)

Finally, we have Cardano. This is a relatively young currency, but has managed to make many positive developments during this year. It was created by Charles Hoskinson, who is also one of the founders of IOHK. Hoskinson is also known to be one of the co-founders of Ethereum. Recently, in one of his interviews, he explained that he enrolled in the Ethereum Classic after a hard gallows for disagreement with the rest of the Ethereum team. After a while, he decided to gather all his knowledge of the criptos and to launch the currency that would have been better than ETH and ETC.

The new currency was to deal with the problems with which the old coins were struggling, and so Cardan came to be. When it comes to Cardan, this is a coin in which the team is one of its biggest and most important aspects. Hoskinson himself is a very experienced developer, and has created a team of others like him. For this reason, Cardano was created by professionals, who knew what they were doing and who developed the currency with the best and most modern technologies.

Hoskinson's work on Cardano took time, but only because he and his team do not want to rush things. Instead, they focused on its technology. For this reason, Cardano is one of the most stable and reliable coins in circulation. It is also decentralized and the team is always making new updates. Hoskinson also said recently that he hopes to turn Cardano into the encryption of the first trillion dollars.

He hopes for a global currency adoption, which he should follow after the launch of Cardano's MainNet. In addition, ADA also has a very strong community that continues to grow on a daily basis. The currency has inspired many trusts, and currently occupies the spot among the top 10 scrambled by market capitalization, with the score of 9. Like the other rumors, its price is still nothing spectacular, being only $ 0.104192. However, Cardano is certainly one of the coins with the brightest future, and its constant progress is the greatest proof of that.

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