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XRP is used by "many Ripple customers" for cross-border transactions, says Chief Market Strategist

The XRP has recently been in the news not only for its ability to resist bear attacks, but also for the progress made by Ripple in order to interrupt the cross-border payment space. Many Hodler XRPs are resisting for life, as the cryptocurrency market sees the capitals left, right and center.

In the midst of the bear's attacks, Cory Johnson, Ripple's Chief Market Strategist, appeared in a webinar to discuss the positive points of the XRP, providing details on the use of money in the real world and 39; industry that is destined to destroy. . In doing so, he also talked about the Bitcoin falls and the role digital assets will have in the future to come.

Speaking of Ripple's customers, Johnson said:

"Many of them use XRP to make cross-border transactions to reduce costs from 40 basis points to 4 basis points and from 4 days to 2 minutes, which can only be done using these digital resources or cryptocurrencies."

Johnson also claimed that Bitcoin was a "poor technology" and had no idea what it was worth. However, he said that digital goods demonstrate a fundamental value, which must be understood by people for themselves. He also stated:

"Actually prove it, it will develop a fundamental value, what value should you discover by yourself … I think you know that Bitcoin does not work very well, we have planned the company for us all that long ago."

He said that people are recognizing that Bitcoin is not effective at the moment, providing a counterpoint by comparing it with XRP. The currency has increased year after year, Johnson said, stating that this growth took place over 100%. He also said that XRP is used more than Bitcoin, perhaps referring to the value of increasing transaction on Ledger that takes place on the currency.

Clarifying the relationship between Ripple and XRP, he declared:

"XRP is a cryptocurrency or digital resource created before the creation of my company, my company owns 60% of XRP, but there are many other companies that use XRP and it is not unique to our company."

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