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XRP, Ethereum (ETH) in position for Big 2019

Cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH), XRP-While the encrypted markets plunge into the last week of 2018, down more than $ 700 billion from the start of the year, in 2019 and beyond there is some optimism for industry.

In November, the number one currency by market capitalization Bitcoin has experienced its month of price declines since August 2011, bringing the market down as most of the altcoins continue to lose by 90% or more losses during the period. year. In response to the crypto market in crisis and the fall of Bitcoin, billionaire investor and longstanding cryptocurrency bull Mike Novogratz held a telephone conference to express his opinion on the industry and the statistics of his investment company Galaxy Digital Holdings. Novogratz, in its usual candid manner, has not held back the incrimination of what has emerged for cryptocurrency in the last twelve months,

"It was a horrible bear market in token.There are a lot of reasons to be depressed."

However, Novogratz also underlined his conviction that the crypt would have a breakthrough in 2019 and beyond, since the adoption of both the blockchain and the token model would gain legitimacy in areas such as finance and gaming,

"Basically I think you'll see a great fit in 2019, 2020. Many articles in the digital world, e-gaming space, are low-value objects so I think people will be more comfortable participating in the blockchain."

More recently, news from the social media giant Facebook says the company is developing a stablecoin for its Whatsapp messaging platform, with an emphasis on targeting largely untapped digital payment space. India. With over 2 billion active users, Facebook has the potential to not only push cryptocurrency at the center of attention, but to catalyze the interest in sectors that have so far been reluctant to invest in blockchain, despite the benefits obtained .

However, as pointed out by the CEO of BitMex Arthur Hayes, the current stablecoins craze could pave the way for a renewed interest in Ethereum. Despite falling to third place by market capitalization, just behind XRP, Ether is ready for a renewal of prices and use if the ICO landscape returns.

"Once there are new problems, then Ether will bounce aggressively.When the ICO market returns, Ether will quickly test $ 200. The timing of the ICO rebirth is 12 to 18 months"

The rapid profits of 2017 have involved more than a fair share of bad actors in the ICO sector, with most projects focused on transforming a fast buck compared to creating a functioning product. The negativity towards the Initial Coin Offerings was colored throughout 2018 with countless stories of fraud and total theft, dampening the development an exciting time. With the market pruning that occurred in 2018, the ICO sector could find legitimacy once again in the next year and in 2020, in particular thanks to the encryption caused when Facebook will release its stablecoin.

XRP, the second currency by capitalization, is positioned the same way for a large 2019. Ironically, the coin ends in a year similar to that of a year ago: a lot of investor-mediated excitement from development of exchanges. In 2017, the price of XRP skyrocketed in anticipation of a list of Coinbase that has never materialized. Now, XRP has been noted as a potential currency for Coinbase. However, in even bigger news for the currency, Binance, the world's major exchange, has announced the intention to integrate XRP as a base pair for trading.

While the news has a less immediate potential for the price of XRP, the long-term ramifications for having a transaction-oriented currency and able to handle the scale that has paralyzed the Bitcoin network at the start of the year , with miniscule commissions and transfer times, could provide a boom for the currency until next year. With Facebook's interest in stablecoin, XRP is still in the preferred currency position for fintech and banking, with several large, established partnerships.

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