XRP beats Ethereum in the cap market when it starts a surprise ride – Bitcoin is the next goal?


The XRP is again rocking the news space, and this time it's about its price and its position on the market. Recently, there has been much speculation about the short- and long-term future of popular cryptocurrency. After months of great innovations, since the crypt has obtained important insertions of exchange, in the end something had to happen.

While inflated, Ripple, the blockchain startup that created XRP, is gaining a lot of positive publicity. Match this with the great news of cryptography adoption by an important system like Apple Pay, and you have a bad run. The XRP is now in constant ascent, with some people suggesting that it could actually be directed towards the "moon".

What really happened?

On Monday, news broke that XRP would be supported by Wirex as an Apple payment option. Such news was destined to cause a market event, given the progress in adoption that the crypt has done in recent weeks. Ultimately, this latest news turned out to be the last button that launched the race at the Bull. The upscale saw the crypto gain of over 18% to breach the $ 0.5 barrier and cement a new support level at $ 0.53 – $ 0.54. However, most people expect the price to rise much higher. There are some analysts who put the last point of XRP at $ 10- $ 15 by the end of the year.

However, it should not be forgotten that XRP has already started its upward trend and has since returned to its support levels. But this time it could be different. Given the predictions of various cryptography experts and the general mood of the market, this time the cryptocurrency could be directed to a higher place. Furthermore, times favor this perspective. People have always predicted that a massive market rally would occur in the last months of the year.

XRP Market Cap beats Ethereum

One of the most obvious facts about the change of XRP in the market is its growing market capitalization. The cryptocurrency has therefore briefly eliminated Ethereum to position itself in position 2 of the market in terms of market capitalization. This raises the big question: could XRP be on track to overcome even Bitcoin? And if so?

Ultimately, XRP is bound to attract even more attention as it digs to maintain the new level of support and probably reach new price milestones. As a matter of fact, it is hard not to expect such a result, given that the crypt gets a higher score and is adopted by various large financial institutions around the world.

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