World of Ether launches on Ethereum Mainnet; Become the best classified Crypto game


NEW YORK, November 28, 2018 / PRNewswire / – After 11 months of development, World of Ether ( was launched on the main Ethereum network, creating chaos so many people tried to play simultaneously.

The pioneering start presold $ 1,000,000 of monsters' worth returns to January and has since made headlines as a rough diamond in what is called "winter crypt".

"The marriage between play and blockchain is the most significant step forward from online games," he said Edward Sturm, the marketing director of the company. "Game items can be tokenised and have a value that players can benefit from in the real world."

This year the gaming blockchain exploded as the developers understood it and the players understood that they wanted it. People want to make money by playing video games.

World of Ether can be thought of as a cross between the hit game, Pokémon and eBay. Players buy monsters from other players, fight with them to increase their ability to breed more rare monsters and auction those rare monsters to other players on the open market.

There are deep game mechanics as they should be with any video game, and it is the first blockchain game to have a progression system.

When you level up in World of Ether you get access to new and more powerful types of monsters. The goal is to get to the final level where you can get the rarest monsters and items to sell to other players.

There are also prizes if you are the first to reach certain goals. If you are the first to discover a certain legendary monster, you will receive it $ 12,000, for example.

Videogames as a whole are a huge industry. Only this year are scheduled for construction $ 137,000,000,000, which is an increase of 13% year on year. Blockchain gaming studies without products have been funded and World of Ether is the first to actually release a live mainstream friendly product.

State of the Dapps, the decentralized application evaluation platform currently points to World of Ether in first place in the category of Ethereum games, and the buzz is emerging on how games, not financial instruments, are going to "save cryptography".

All cryptocurrencies are in a monumental bear market, so work products like World of Ether are needed.

When people receive easily understandable incentives to use cryptography, markets are expected to rebound.

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