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I was one of the keynote speakers last week at the Ethereum Devcon in Prague, where I gave a talk titled "Decenting, Democratizing or Dying", about the way the bad technology policy (backdoor crypt, the DMCA ban on security information, etc.) come from weak states where super-richs come to call the blows, and how things like money laundering create these weak states. The main message: if you do not understand how to make more pluralistic, less plutocratic, you will never get the kind of information security you need to make your blockchain systems thrive.

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Cory Doctorow

I write books My latest are: a graphic novel by YA entitled In Real Life (with Jen Wang); a non-fiction book on the arts and the Internet called "The information does not want to be free": the Internet age laws (with presentations by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer) and a science fiction novel by YA called Homeland (is the sequel to Little Brother). I speak everywhere and me Tweet and it also tumbles.


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