Within the IPO Bitcoin Mining everyone talks about


The cryptic community was animated by a potential initial public offering Bitmain Technologies Ltd. for a few months now.

Perhaps you did some of this buzz yourself.

I know that on August 14th, I buzzed about it right here.

I said that if Bitmain became public, it would be one of the few pure blockchain games on the market. And I noticed how Bitmain's IPO would be a great catalyst for the entire cryptocurrency industry.

All this remains true.

But now the voices and whispers are over. Bitmain's big move, which would have been the biggest IPO in the encrypted world to date, is on the record.

Last week, the Beijing-based company officially presented its listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, date to be determined.

There's a lot of potential upside here – but there are also many possible pitfalls.

So we'll take a look at all this.

Then I will show you a way to play this IPO crypt to your advantage.

Want to see this …

Bitmain & # 39; s Bottom Line

Bitmain is a leading developer of integrated circuits for specific applications (ASIC) for encryption and artificial intelligence. With a market share of 85%, it owns the market for mining crypto platforms.

It is also a large mining crypto, although the percentage of its earnings earned by the mining sector has fallen from 18% in early 2016 to less than 4% by the first quarter of this year, according to the research of Crypto Exchange BitMEX.

Now, Bitmain's IPO represents not only another opportunity to invest in this fast-growing technology, but it also shows that the industry is maturing and going beyond the mainstream.

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So this is exciting stuff.

But here's the thing. I have four "perverse" for this move right now.

So slow down and check them before chasing the Bitmain IPO …

The Big However

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