With the waves of Devcon4 tickets over, the Ethereum Foundation announces the final appeal process


11 September 2017 19:37

The waves may have crashed, but Ethereum enthusiasts should not be caught in the surf without a ticket.

Deva the Devcon4 Unicorn, the official voice of the Devcon team of the Ethereum Foundation, announced yesterday that the third and final wave of ticket sales for the annual developer conference had ended. Like the previous two waves yesterday's event lasted only a few minutes, as the tickets were overwhelmed by people who intended to participate in the international event of Ethereum. The Devcon crew noted that it was "swept away by the excitement that surrounds" the annual event.

Although the Ethereum Foundation does not intend to hold another wave of ticket sales, it has announced a final appeal process for those who still want to go to Devcon4 but have failed to secure the tickets. Individuals have until Monday 17 September to complete and submit the final appeal forms to the foundation.

The team will then randomly select the ticket recipients from the send pool. The selected recipients will receive access codes valid for 48 hours that will allow them to purchase tickets at the standard rate of 1.025 euros.

The road to Prague was paved with fervor, frustration and quick fingers. The fifth iteration of the global developer conference, Devcon4, will present prominent voices within the Ethereum community and provide opportunities to educate and empower those participating in space.

Every year the event took place in a different city all over the world – Berlin in 2014, London in 2015, Shanghai in 2016, Cancún in 2017, and now Prague in 2018. The conference has grown in terms of of size and popularity since its inception in the Berlin space of Ethereum devs, and the upward trend of growth is expected to continue with Devcon4.

For people who remain without a ticket even after the appeal process, do not worry. Organizations and groups in the Ethereum and in the larger blockchain communities are hosting events at hand in Prague in the times of Devcon4. For example, Status, a mobile Dapp browser on the Ethereum network, holds a hackathon from October 30th to November 2nd at the National House Smíchov, where people can watch live coverage of the conference, go out and build together.

The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians is also gathering for two days before Devcon4 on October 28-29. Participants will meet the unconference style to make progress on various EIP and ERC. The meeting's wiki agenda is available through GitHub.

Another event of interest is the Conference of Decentralized Insurance Developers on October 29, although it requires a ticket to participate. The conference is tailored to innovators in the insurance industry who are working to redefine the global insurance industry, particularly through blockchain-based projects and developments.

Devcon4 may not be an option for some, but Prague will definitely be a hub for blockchain innovation this fall

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