Why was the withdrawal of Tron (TRX) prices not achieved despite the remarkable results achieved in 2018?



Who knew that Tron could have had an unexpected drop in prices just when he was getting known for the results you could ask for? This is a million dollar question for every enthusiast who continually follows the achievements that the company has had in recent times.

In the last 24 hours, in fact, the market has been a bit different from many cryptocurrencies regarding their price index, which did not happen for them the day before when they had a short-term decline in their prices, included Bitcoin that the digital market compass.

Apart from the rest, Tron (TRX) has not been left out, like other important currencies, but has also suffered a decline, even if users expected high expectations for price increases due to its invaluable successes throughout l & # 39; year.

The last days of October proved to be completely incomprehensible to Tron lovers, as we know that the company had significant results during the month, but did not help the TRX to determine the price, but instead lost its price to the 14%.

This digital currency has been falling in price for some time. Recently, the company has made progress on TVM, becoming a leader that complements dApp and smart contracts to raise the price index and stabilize the digital currency on the market. The transfer of the company led by Justin Sun, the founder, made sure that Tron surpassed EThereum in its daily transaction size on the market at some point.

Tron (TRX) Price collapse

Bitcoin is defined as a leader in the cryptotape and its value movements usually make observers identify the imminent model for other Altcoins regarding the price index. Tron is not an exception to this model (at least until now) because he has also fought alongside the market.

Until yesterday, Tron faced a quarrel against the US dollar (the cryptocurrency stands green at the time of the press). The state and TRX models suggest that digital currency could take a lot to bounce back to its historical high. In fact, like all other altcoins, Tron should rely heavily on the positive price of Bitcoin. But without signs of substantial gains in the market recently, the situation may not materialize for some time as seen considering the above statistics.

The hope and the potential are always present for the crypt led by Sun, as they have recently had some significant developments that are working in its favor. It has been quoted on AltcoinTrader just recently, which is a growing exchange in South Africa.

Furthermore, a recent report has revealed that the massive technological progress of Tron over the course of the year is creating much encouraging information on the market.

The Tron virtual machine, used in the development of dApp, is still being optimized, which will most likely lead to an even more efficient system when optimization ends. All of this is good news as the evolution of the virtual machine is still under development. A couple of games have also been developed on Tron smart contracts.

As a result, with the high expectations of users of dApps in the market, Tron makes development applications on the same platform as money spent on other platforms. The virtual machine is just user expectations, but the true dApps have yet to be seen to meet the user's expectations.

In conclusion, it seems that, despite the achievable results of Tron in 2018 up to now, the price is not yet appreciated because the whole market has been embraced. Now, as more and more exchanges continue to add TRX (JOYSO only did it yesterday) and its network continues to expand (remember that developers are turning to it en masse), the price could capture positive effects.

However, since the crypt is promised to Bitcoin on all exchanges (almost), it will not rise until the crypt will come to the bull. It is still too early to judge if this is indeed the case, but one thing is certain, this month it could be the turning point not only for Tron but for the entire cryptocurrency market.

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