Why does Alibaba not cooperate with TRON (TRX)?



TRON (TRX) was among the most active crypto projects this year. He got a lot, from the numerous exchange listings, to the launch of his MainNet, and later of his TRON Virtual Machine, to the purchase of BitTorrent and to the announcement of a new project called Project Atlas.

New partnership announcements never seem to stop for this crypto. Even so, however, his community continues to wait for a special announcement, which is TRON's partnership with Alibaba. However, no matter how patient the community has been so far, the announcement of this partnership simply does not come. At this point, many have already given up, simply accepting that Alibaba is not in partnership with TRON, period. But why?

Alibaba NOT cooperating with TRON (TRX)

A few months ago, when the launch of MainNet by TRON was still a thing of the future, it was rumored that Alibaba would be the next big company to work with TRON. While Justin Sun, the creator of TRON, has openly talked about his desire to collaborate with Alibaba, it is not he who started the voice.

Again, the "news" quickly spread, and the rumor also made a lot of titles at the time. Alibaba denied having such plans, but the entire encrypted community believes this is just one way to keep the partnership a surprise. Some believed that even if Alibaba had not really planned such a partnership, it will definitely change its mind after TRON demonstrates that it can live on its own, away from Ethereum's support.

Soon, the launch of MainNet came. He was successful and was a big problem for TRON. Token migration followed by numerous other announcements, including new projects and partnerships. However, Alibaba's partnership has not been seen anywhere.

Nothing has changed

This is where many have begun to believe that the voice is nothing but a false hope and that it will never happen. Alibaba has not cooperated with TRON, and this is that. If we take a look at Alibaba's opinion on cryptos, this is not all that surprising. The company's leader, Jack Ma, has always seen the cryptos as a bubble. Until today, he remains convinced that this is true. Someone who has so little confidence in the future of cryptocurrencies would certainly not be in a rush to collaborate with one of them, right?

While a partnership between the two would certainly be beneficial for both entities, it would seem that Alibaba is remaining true to its beliefs. Even so, both the company and Jack Ma have shown a growing interest in the blockchain, even if they do not want to have anything to do with the encrypted.

Recently, news about the resignation of Jack Ma has also begun to appear. Although it will need to be replaced by a new leader, the current CEO of Alibaba, Daniel Zhang, there is still no reason to believe that the new leadership will mean opening up to the encrypted, including TRON.

It would seem that partnership At least for now I will remain only a voice and wishful thinking. What will happen in the future is anyone's guess, but as long as Alibaba begins to see the encrypted in a more positive light, nothing big will happen between the company and this industry.

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