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Who sells Ethereum (ETH) at these prices?

It's official – Ethereum has become a double-digit coin with its price falling below the psychologically important $ 100 mark. It's all downhill from here and even the $ 50 levels are at stake right now. But is anyone sane of mind upset by the logic behind this pogrom, which would sell a resource that was worth $ 1400 at a time for the current price of less than $ 100?

Many theories, little evidence for something. Let's examine a couple of them.

  • Conspiracy theories always find their place in the encrypted space, you can explain a lot with them. One of the most popular is that the big banks are behind this inexorable sales pressure because they want to slaughter the bitcoin and put an end to the whole story that surrounds it.
  • Another, relevant to the ETH, is that this disappearance is caused by ICO teams who are now selling their token sales deeds, committing a "soft exit fraud" when they become aware of how difficult it is to implement what they have defined in their white sheets. The second possible reason for the ICO downloading their ETH is to have the funds ready once the SEC comes knocking on doors with their fines for sales of non-compliant and unregistered goods.
  • This is, however, unlikely and practically denied by TheBlock. ICOs hold approximately 3.57 million ETHs in their portfolios which make up 3.5% of the total offer of aether. There is still no sell-off of ICOs of ethers, which have sold only about 2% of holdings in the last 2 months, 64% in total. It seems that many teams are responsible for money and are still liquid and operational without having to use treasury funds.
  • Perhaps some believers are starting to lose faith and want to cut their losses? This is also a possibility because the rate of adoption of any cryptographic project is almost non-existent and some people are simply impatient and can not take it anymore. Here is an example of one of these buyer profiles:

I bought it in November & # 17 and bought more in January & # 18. I did not buy more than I could afford to lose, and like most people here, I lost 75%. I sold what I had at Coinbase when ETH was at $ 130 and for the moment remained the remaining cold ETH.

I do not sell because of the price or because I do not believe in the potential of ETH to change the world. I'm selling because I have not seen adoption in the course of this year, and I do not see any ICOs coming as I hoped. Yes, the fact that the price has drastically decreased has been a factor in which I sold, but I sold because I do not think the price will soon be back to $ 130, that's just my opinion.

I think the price will increase SE will be true adoption and unfortunately all the ones I've seen are bad card games here. I do not think that true adoption will come soon because I do not think there are enough developers to rebuild our entire infrastructure.

So I'm interested in keeping an eye on the space, and I'll buy again if I see promise, but unfortunately for me, stupid as you think I've sold, this is the financial decision I have to make now.

  • People who did not care if they did not get rich quickly with little or no effort. Even though most of them have already passed, the last factions are still jumping the ship.

This capitulation?

I do not think so I would say that we have another leg of irrational landfills before we see the final capitulation. ETH could hit the lows of $ 60-70 at that time. The holders will only be loyal supporters of the blockchain and Ethereum, the community will regain its positivism and the culture of support it once had. The level of the speech will increase significantly as only the most educated people will gather to discuss the technology and the ideological importance of the blockchain: the scammers, the sellers of snake oil and other scum will be rinsed and the crypt will be soon again on the track to do things was aimed at doing first: protecting individual freedoms from obscure politicians and bankers.

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