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Ethereum Classic (ETC) found itself in a difficult position after hopes were high that the currency would break even after the controversial price of Coinbase. Many have anticipated that the digital heritage and network will hit big and support the $ 2 billion ceiling just for the market forces that will drop hopes. However, all is not lost because the coin is repositioning itself to recover the lost past glory.

The hype that came with the controversial Coinbase list seems to have blown AND TC the wrong way. The modern investor seems to be interested in real-world solutions rather than short-term value propositions and Ethereum has not yet exploited its technological potential to convince the already encrypted investor.

Debited the value deposit, the ecosystem has repositioned itself to break even in giving energy to the Internet of Things (IoT), a market that many other altcoins are targeting and is already making great progress with functional use cases. IOTA with its technology Tangle and VeChain have been in the front row in their quest to dominate the verse IoT.

Ethereum Classic offers a better chance than the incoming IoT chains

ETC is on the market a bit of time now and given its breakout history from the parent Ethereum it is easy to understand its current and future stability. It has an easy-to-use technology designed for the masses, while the new coins are still in the experimental phase and are just trying different routes on the market and see the most popular one.

The clothing of the IoT competition may have state of the art technologies to have fun, but Ethereum Classic offers a universal platform supported by stability and ease of use that IOTA and VeChain have yet to achieve. Visibility is also another factor that ETC is riding in terms of global appeal and penetration.

Ethereum Classic's support for IoT applications has always been underestimated and once all the potential has been unleashed on the market, the competitor could wind up or venture into less competitive niches that are dying for blockchain support. The last days have seen Ethereum Classic hit the headlines with the recent success of the mining customer

ETC and ETH Mining Client Release

BTC.com has released a data mining client for ETC and ETH in their effort to grow their mining customer base. The news released on August 30th means that the miners will have the opportunity to change their hash power between the two platforms in response to the demands and powers of the market. The awards will be based on "full pay per share" which will be " calculated over a given period of time. "

The addition of the client will improve the mining platforms ecosystem according to the director of the mining pool of BTC.com, Zhuang Zhong, adding that

"mining operations to grow up to 12% of ETH have total inventories in the next 12 months".

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Market Performance

The route to the Ethereum Classic market was not very easy and the listing on Coinbase did not help much. The last 24 hours have seen only 1.43% of total volumes go through the high-rating exchange with OKEx and ABCC which drive the majority of volumes with 21.01% of OKEx and 13.23% of ABCC.

With the recovery of the market experienced unison through the market, ETC was traded on the green zone for the last 3 and the last 24-hour trading session pushed the price to $ 13.22 after gaining marginally against the green dollar with 1.46%. The market rankings show a currency that points towards stability and this could usher in a momentum towards the high

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