When it was first included on Uphold, Ripple's XRP accounted for less than 10% of the platform's monthly purchases. This figure has now risen to 43%


Uphold is a cloud-based financial services platform that supports more than 30 fiat and cryptocurrencies and is available to customers in over 180 countries.

Their digital portfolio is designed to make resource storage quick and easy, send funds to other Uphold users around the world and exchange currencies immediately.

Uphold has published some statistics on the use of the platform and on which cryptocurrencies are their most interested customers in the purchase.

Considering the strong hype of the community around the XRP token, it is not surprising to see XRP immediately after bitcoin as the cryptocurrency most purchased by Uphold users. XRP has by far recorded the largest growth in number and quantity of purchases.

  • In terms of net inflows, the big story was XRP. Even with a market capitalization of only 20% that of BTC, XRP emerged as the second most heavily purchased asset on Uphold over the four-week period, reaching 98% of the value in US dollars of all purchased bitcoins.
  • The steady growth in XRP companies has continued and most XRP owners have remained calm. XRP purchases recorded a value equal to almost six times the value of the XRP sales of the month.

This report is the last official of Uphold, but they have signaled through Twitter that XRP has exceeded BTC as the largest resource measured in USD.

"Last month underlined the continued increase in interest in XRP," said Rafael Veloso, Chief Data Officer of Uphold.

This prompted XRPArmy to start another campaign for its token, asking Uphold to make XRP "the standard" on its platform. These campaigns are effectively effective as Binance recently traded and listed XRP as a base pair on their exchange.

"At the beginning of this year on Uphold, XRP accounted for less than 10% of platform purchases every month, and in the last month, this figure has risen to 43%." Many buyers believe – and tweet – that XRP has a well-developed use case and enjoys higher levels of institutional adoption than other digital currencies Ripple's xRapid payment technology continues to be recognized by large banks, with XRP providing a liquidity bridge & # 39 ;.

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