WhatsApp attacks Amazon & Co .: Messenger should allow direct shopping


The WhatsApp messaging service, which belongs to the Facebook group, will allow its users in the future to purchase products directly from a chat and learn more about them. End customers use their normal WhatsApp application and don’t have to install a second app.

Smaller companies offering goods and services, on the other hand, use a special WhatsApp business app to respond to customer inquiries. For larger companies, WhatsApp also offers an interface (API) for customer service systems or inventory management software instead of a smartphone app, with which a large number of customer inquiries can be handled. .

In the Corona period, in particular, it was shown that customers and smaller businesses need fast and efficient ways to (sell) products. WhatsApp, with over a billion users worldwide, could therefore offer a practical and simple alternative to emails, calls and the like for both parties.

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