What will happen in November?


Tron passed the daily Ethereum transactions in October, What & # 39; s in Come for November

As per Global Coin Report, Tron has witnessed an increase in the number of daily transactions, indicating that the network has improved.

October marks a month of milestones for Tron, as it has passed the daily transactions of Ethereum and has managed to see the monthly transaction rise to over 50%. This is great considering that, Ethereum is the second largest encryption by market capitalization to date and secondly, Ethereum has managed to hit only a little less than 5%.

The subdivision of the previously provided statistics comes from TRX Colony, which gave us all its reflections: "Will Tron surpass #ETH in November?"

In response, some believe it will certainly happen, given the milestone reached. However, many, as mentioned earlier by Bitcoin Guide Exchange, remain neutral on these claims due to the value of the TRX token unchanged. Since then an interesting comment has been made in response to TRX Colony and is as follows:

So, what is the driving force that is increasing the daily TRX transactions. As a report, it could be primarily the launch of decentralized apps (DApps) on its respective network, along with its platforms such as TRONbet and TronDice (which recently grossed over $ 200 million in winnings).

TRONbet has succeeded in attracting many users, such as Tron Foundation, which revealed at the time of launch that the game was played over 10,000 times. This alone contributed to his daily transactions to overcome that of Ethereum.

Because Tron has the ability to handle thousands of hassle-free transactions, most developers turn to their network, especially when it comes to DApps. The Tron team kept this key point in mind, which is why DAP is said to be coming on the network.

That said, many remain loyal to Tron and believe that, given the same trends, November could still be favorable to Tron. What do you think about this? Are you not bothered by its symbolic value which is still in the 2 cents range? Share your comments below.

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