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What to know and where you can buy the best discounts

Shopping with Bitcoin on Cyber ​​Monday: what to know and where you can buy the best discounts

Cyber ​​Monday – is the digital equivalent of the retail discounts offered during Black Friday, allowing many websites to take part in the shopping season.

There are many offers that consumers can get safely from their homes, made only better by the ability to purchase items that will help with the investment experience of cryptocurrency.

50% discount on Ledger Nano S

One of the most difficult choices an investor makes with their cryptocurrency is where to use it. Leaving it in an exchange leaves users open to theft, which is why many users move their funds to Internet-based portfolios but the use of a rigid cold storage portfolio is often the recommended option.

At the moment, Cyber ​​Monday offers a sale that will allow users to purchase the best-selling Ledger Nano S USB cold storage portfolio at a 50% discount. There are more colors available for purchase, but the Matte Black model is the only one offered at a discount.

Buy two Trezor, get a third free

Ledger has a track record of surprising performance for their hardware portfolio, but their biggest competitor in this space is Trezor. Fortunately for investors, they also have a Cyber ​​Monday sale that could entice users to make a purchase.

Only for Cyber ​​Monday, the purchase of two of the Model One hardware portfolios will allow consumers to get a third party for free. On Friday, the company offered only a 33% discount on the purchase of a single portfolio.

Earn Bitcoin while you buy

Even if you're not going to make a purchase related to cryptocurrency, there's still an option. There is a Google add-on called Lolli, available through the Chrome browser. When users make purchases at Macy's, Walmart and other participating stores, the Lolli extension will notify them if the retailer is eligible for a Bitcoin reward.

The download is free and can be configured on a home computer.

Cryptocurrency discounts

Right now, it's obvious that the crypto market is falling, and it turns out that these falling prices are right around Cyber ​​Monday. Although this is not a traditional Cyber ​​Monday affair, users can still buy coins now at a lower rate due to the lack of trading.

Users who want to enter the market should seize the opportunity now, while prices are low, giving them an edge when the market starts to rise.

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