What is Bitcoin – Beginner's Guide


Bitcoin has gathered so much interest and excitement since he entered the financial scene nine years ago. Over the years, the opportunities and potential of the market have continued to increase in limits. In fact, the positive conversation that Bitcoin has generated since its inception has been enormous. Many people bought us and became millionaires in a short time. Unfortunately, not many people really understand what it is and how it works. There are still a large number of people who are still very skeptical about the cryptocurrency business. If you are in this group of people, this topic is designed for you. This content has been put together to help you understand what Crypto-currency is and how you can invest in it to change your financial fortune.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was introduced as open source software in the year 2009 and has been dubbed the world's first cryptocurrency. It is a digital currency because it can only be used electronically. Bitcoin does not have a central issuing authority nor is it controlled by any institution. Although decentralized, the platform is organized like any world-class financial institution. The Bitcoin transaction process is quite easy and very organized. As a Bitcoin holder, you can transfer Bitcoin via a peer to peer network. Transfers are usually tracked on a platform known as Blockchain, which is generally referred to as Giant Ledger. The Giant Ledger keeps records of all Bitcoin transactions that have ever been made on the platform. Each of the blocks on the Blockchain consists of a data structure based on encrypted Merkle Trees.

Contrary to the world financial currency in which people must rely on the government to print and release new currencies, Bitcoin's Blockchain software controls the Bitcoin creation and release process. In addition to this, the software tracks Bitcoin positions and ensures that all transactions on the platform are accurate and error-free.

Currently, there are more than 17 million Bitcoins in circulation and the total offer that has ever been produced is equal to 21 million Bitcoins. As indicated above, there is no central regulatory authority or a political institution that controls the production and supply of Bitcoin. This means that its supply is controlled by design. Many people believed that the Bitcoin system was intended to serve as a deflationary currency against the use of hidden taxes to redistribute wealth from the government.

How does Bitcoin work?

One of the most interesting features of Bitcoin is its in-depth verification procedure that has helped to reduce the risk of fraud to a large extent. As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin is decentralized. Therefore, miners, who are volunteers, are regularly checking and updating the blockchain. As soon as a series of transactions have been verified, another block will be included in the blockchain and the commercial transaction will continue.

What does Mining mean?

Because there is no single central server to verify each transaction on the platform, every person on the platform verifies each transaction. To make the process a little clearer, you understand that the miners are faced with a complicated mathematical problem and the first miner to solve the problem will add the blockage of the verified transaction to the giant ledger. The calculations are based on the Work Test (POW).

It is important to mention that the task of solving the mathematical problem and verifying transactions is not performed by real humans working on computers. Rather, a set of hardware has been programmed to perform Bitcoin mining. There is an integrated reward system that rewards miners with a lump sum of Bitcoins. This reward system changes over a period of time based on Bitcoin programming. Typically, the block's reward is reduced by half every four years and currently the reward for each of the new confirmed transaction blocks is around 12.5 Bitcoins. The extraction process is becoming increasingly refined. The most popular technique uses ASICS (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) for the mining process. ASICS are sophisticated hardware systems similar to computer CPUs. These ASICS are created exclusively for the extraction of Bitcoins.

Bitcoin mining operations require some effort and tough competition sometimes makes it difficult for new traders to join the race and make money. As a new miner, in addition to having an adequate knowledge of how to calculate, you must also know how to outsmart the competition. You will also need sufficient capital to finance your operations on the platform.

How to keep and keep track of your Bitcoins?

Before discussing how to maintain or maintain your digital currency, it is important to have a background of some terms used on the platform. Below are detailed definitions of some terms you need to know before you start using cryptos.

This is where you exchange your money for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. In addition to normal money, it is also possible to exchange a cryptocurrency with one another.

This is like your bank account in which you keep your cryptocurrencies.

  • Private cryptographic key

This is the key that allows you to make transactions with your cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. This key is very important and must be jealously guarded. If someone else has access to this key, you can withdraw or transfer all your Bitcoins.

This is your account number. It is quite similar to the physical bank account number that is held with your financial institution. In the same way you give someone an account number to allow them to transfer money to you, you can also provide your public cryptographic key to someone to transfer the cryptocurrency to you.

With this understanding, let's go over discussing all about Bitcoin portfolios.

When someone talks about hacking into Bitcoin, what they meant was that the exchange platform was hacked. As explained above, the Bitcoin Blockchain structure is well protected, making hacking extremely impossible. However, exchanges are quite a different story. In 2014, for example, there was a huge exchange of data that led to the disappearance of 850,000 Bitcoins valued at over $ 350 million. This hack, known as the Tokyo-based MtGox hack, was perhaps the most popular hack in the industry so far. It is important to underline that this does not mean that the Bitcoin itself has been violated, but rather the exchange platform.

The fact is that the industries around Bitcoin are still relatively new and certainly not without their twists. Although most of the portfolio platforms are deemed to be very secure, the possibility of being hacked still creates fear in the minds of users. This is where hard portfolios arrive. Hard portfolios simply refer to a USB that allows users to store their cryptographic keys out of exchanges and offline. When your encryption key is stored in your hard wallet, the possibility of violating you is impossible, except, of course, someone steals your wallet.

Rigid portfolios are very safe and nobody can access them. There have been stories of users who have carelessly neglected their rigid portfolios and are unable to recover their Bitcoins because of this. Many people have reported their inability to recover thousands and even millions of Bitcoins due to the loss of their rigid portfolios. To avoid this, many users opt for the use of the "paper wallet" which basically has cryptographic keys on a sheet stored in a safe like a bank vault. It is important to remember that paper wallets are not advisable but can be written by hand or made using an online key generator. Using the online key generator is risky due to malware threats.

What is the purpose of the use of Bitcoin?

There was a general consensus in the market that Bitcoin is the future of the financial world. This statement is not without reasons. In reality, there are numerous reasons why this is believed to be the case.

Bitcoin offers freedom to currency holders. The fact that you can hold millions or even billions of dollars in Bitcoin worldwide and virtually buy anything, anywhere and at any time without having to deal with the usual bank delays is a strong point for Bitcoin.

  • He is highly decentralized

He is giving people power over their finances. Because of the potential he has, Bitcoin has attracted people from all over the world who see the current financial system as very unsustainable. Launched about a year after the financial crises of 2008, Bitcoin's strong strengths have won many hearts, especially those of those who do not believe in the government to maintain sanity in the global financial system. Currently there is a large community of ideologues who are actively building, working and buying in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Financial institutions and organizations such as PayPal charge certain fees to make transactions on behalf of the user. With Bitcoin, you only have to pay a small portion of the 2.5% transaction fee charged by the likes of PayPal.

Bitcoin payments and transactions do not need to be tied to your personal information. This is because personal information is not required when making transactions. Therefore, you do not have to worry about exposing yourself to external threats such as identity theft. In addition to this, Bitcoin can also be encrypted and backed up to ensure total security of funds.

Bitcoin's public Blockchain is very objective. Users believe that the platform is fair because it is based on pure math and can not be influenced by human error or corruption by dubious politicians.

Against Bitcoin

There is no doubt that Bitcoin has many advantages. However, despite the many advantages, there are still some significant problems associated with it. For example, it seems that one of the main reasons why everyone has not yet joined the Bitcoin company is because the price is masked by uncertainty. There are many problems that cause concern among potential users of the platform.

Major governments remained largely uninvolved in the platform which created a sense of great potential and apprehension for Bitcoin's supporters and critics. There is no regulatory agency to support Bitcoin and by supporting a decentralized currency, one would technically see a government yielding power to that effect. Bitcoin concepts and activities have not been addressed by any government. However, Bitcoin prices were very susceptible to any news concerning the US government's view on cryptocurrencies. For example, the Stock Exchange Commission (SEC) denied the approval of exchange-traded products with Bitcoin in 2017. These are essentially Bitcoin-backed assets in the stock market. The implication of this waste led to a drop in the price of Bitcoin by 18%. It is interesting to know that even if the opinion and the action of governments have a great effect on Bitcoin; governments have not been able to criminalize Bitcoin activities. In fact, the US and Chinese governments have invested to a certain extent.

This is debatable because currently the price of Bitcoin is pegged at $ 47 but users continue to sweat. It is very unlikely that the price of Bitcoin will stop and users will not be able to take any action. Despite this indication, many users are still very unstable. As more users invest in the platform, the issue of illiquidity is becoming a negligible factor as there will always be a Bitcoin buyer who waits regularly.

As mentioned above, the issue of hack exchange has absolutely nothing to do with the reputation of the Bitcoin system. Despite this, the market still feels uncertain. This lack of interest seems to have diminished over time as many users see that there is a constant recovery from hacks. As Bitcoin exchanges evolve and become more secure, the hack threat becomes a minimum problem among traders. Beyond that, external investments that are channeled into exchanges are making capital available to allow the market to get stronger by the day.

This is one of the main reasons why many users are attracted to Bitcoin. This same reason is the reason why many potential users are reluctant to join the business. The bitcoin business is seen as a speculative investment that involves a lot of gambling in the process. This is basically because the future price of Bitcoin is unknown. There have been predictions that a Bitcoin will be equivalent to $ 500,000 within the next three years, while some estimate that it will be worth some money in a couple of years. The fact is that the more investors are involved in the business, the stronger Bitcoin will become and the cap will continue to grow, which will invariably stabilize the price of Bitcoin.

  • Lack of adoption by organizations

The biggest reason for this is the volatility of Bitcoin prices. Many companies still have to adopt the concept of Bitcoin as a means of payment due to price fluctuations. It is believed that more people invest and adopt the concept, stability will become the price and this disadvantage will be reduced.

Although many have heard of Bitcoin but only a few understand what it is and how it works. With much information about it, many people will understand and invest in it.

Bitcoin's strength lies in its network effects. The more people know and get together, the bigger the community, the better the Bitcoin platform.

How to buy Bitcoin?

Currently, many companies have grown to facilitate sales and the purchase of Bitcoin. Before that, it was quite difficult to find a reliable company to buy cryptocurrency from. In these days, however, many Bitcoin exchanges have gotten huge investments from renowned capitalists. The sale and purchase of Bitcoins are now more regulated by stringent measures, particularly for organizations located outside the United States. If you are looking for the best organizations that help you make the purchase of Bitcoin, we have highlighted two below.

This organization was founded in 2015 by Bitcoin, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss gurus. Although the organization was recently launched, the cryptocurrency exchange has built up an excellent reputation in the crypto community. The organization is based in New York and is currently doing extraordinarily well in the crypto business.

Coinbase was launched in 2012 with the goal of providing users with a simple and simpler platform to carry out their Bitcoin transaction. The organization is based in San Francisco and is usually recommended as a better option for the purchase of Bitcoin for newcomers entering the business.

Who invented Bitcoin?

The design of Bitcoin has been attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto claims to have been born on 5 of April 1975 and currently lives in Japan. However, there has been speculation that the brain behind Bitcoin is an individual programmer or group of programmers who are experts in cryptography and computing in Europe or the United States. It is believed that Satoshi Nakamoto developed the first blockchain database and was the first to solve the double-expense problem that other digital currency platforms have failed to do. Although there have been many mysteries around the creator of Bitcoin, the digital currency has continued to grow in popularity among companies and government organizations.

Popularity of Bitcoin

According to the structure of Google Trends, 100 is the highest popularity when it comes to the term & # 39; Bitcoin & # 39; and a value of 50 implies that it was a famous medium at that particular moment. In recent years, Bitcoin's popularity has peaked, making it one of the most sought after terms on Google. When it was first launched in 2009, the first users were mainly programmers and technicians. However, today many people have ventured into the business and prices have grown over the years. The popularity, the advantage of the first mover and the network effect have further strengthened Bitcoin's position as the most popular cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization

The teachings from the popularity of Bitcoin

When you understand what makes Bitcoin so famous, you are also able not only to conceptualize the future of Bitcoin but also the operating module of other cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin network validates its high net worth to new users and offers Bitcoin the viral growth rate currently enjoyed.

  • Speculation shifts the number

Many Bitcoin people try to keep their Bitcoins in hopes of selling them for a huge profit soon. This is not strange given that past events have shown wisdom in this. For example, if you purchased 2000 Bitcoin for $ 5 in 2010, today they are worth more than $ 5 million USD.

  • The Huge Market Cap is reassuring

The huge market capitalization of Bitcoin offers users a high sense of stability and security. With over $ 69 billion market capitalization, Bitcoin is certainly a safer encrypted investment.


Without a doubt, Bitcoin is still a very young currency, but over the years it has achieved significant growth and user adoption. The network is getting stronger and many people are coming to terms with its core technology and the potential that comes with it. Being the flower at the eyelet of other cryptocurrency platforms, Bitcoin is considered to be the main cryptocurrency in the world. Understanding the full potential of Bitcoin is the first step in understanding the critical solutions offered in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The future of the financial world depends on cryptocurrencies and equipping themselves with the right tools will ensure that you can benefit from them. Become part of the cryptocurrency community to explore all that Bitcoin has to offer.

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