What influences the cryptocurrency trade lists?



When it comes to the most quoted and high-volume trade in cryptocurrencies, even the mere suggestion of a new currency can send enthusiasts, investors and savage experts – resulting in close speculation and often a certain level of "pump" regarding the value of coins.

How do they normally do it?

An obvious conclusion would be that the larger exchanges choose the tokens they are going to list in the future, for the most part, would be based on the execution of that crypt historically on other early platforms. Combined with qualitative and quantitative design surveys.

Nele Maria PalipeaNele Maria Palipea, Founder of 8-bit.io and CLOAKcoin's advisor wrote about Quora in response to a user's question, succinctly stating that

"Some exchanges only expect to be paid for the quotation … [whilst] Other exchanges also carry out research on the background of a project before listing "

Unfortunately, we still have to see a solution that can be crowned unequivocal champion when it comes to methods of exchange behind the coin rankings. – especially when most decisions are made behind the scenes without transparency.

The new methods explored are interesting by themselves, but probably nothing beats the status of expert on behalf of a platform!

New Models from New Companies

A recent (and unpainted) example of "mining trans-fees" has been implemented by an Ethereum-based trading platform called the BitMart Exchange.

It should be more aware of the trading platform because it is ranked in the top 40 cryptographic exchanges on CoinMarketCap, or potentially because of their recent partnership with the main Chinese blockchain community: AISI.fund.

AISI aims to become "one of the first sponsors of the BMX market".

BMX (a bit like "BNB") is the name of the token that forms the basis for a fundamental economic infrastructure on which BitMart has recently launched a project that incorporates its approach to the F-Concept inspired by the coins under the moniker & # 39; Mission X & # 39;

It is a model that was previously adopted by F-Coin Exchange – which allows users to vote on their favorite currency through the investment of an intermediate token.

The Binance Approach, and Criticism

The only problem, in this case, is that F-Coin has received harsh words from Binance – with the chief executive Changpeng Zhao suggesting that the organization will have short life. This should however not be surprising, as companies are direct competitors! Readers should note however that a brief Google search suggests that Zhao's warnings may be closer to the truth than uninformed.

The Binance "Community of the Month" scheme allows holders of the "BNB" cryptocurrency platforms to apply their tokens proportionally to their preferred currency from a list of potential candidates – with the most voted currency being added to the roster of the site with new trading pairs.

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