WeTrust Spring to match all Ethereum (ETH) donations with new partnership announcements


WeTrust Spring to match all Ethereum (ETH) donations with new partnership announcements

The WeTrust Spring fundraising platform recently announced that it will account for 100 percent of every Giving Ethereum donation Tuesday until November 27th. In addition, the platform has also revealed partnerships with many other charities.

The platform allows entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations to raise funds using the popular Ether virtual currency (ETH). Founded in 2016, it has Vitalik Buterin and Emin Gün Sirer as consultants. The founders are George Li, Patrick Long and Hoang Nguyen.

The charitable organizations with which the company has decided to collaborate are African Advocacy Network, Bridge Global Foundation, Cavalier Rescue, Code for America, Heritage Heritage Imaging, Equity in Access, Lotta Mae, Equality in Access, Open Library, Rainforest Trust, Surgeons of Hope, Ubuntu Foundation and VietSeeds Foundation.

The platform was also able to collect 2,442 ETH for Rainforest Trust, which aims to save 500,000 acres of rainforest. The code for America, on the other hand, raised 1,063 of 2,000 ETHs.

George Li said that linking charitable organizations and the crypto community was a very exciting task to play. This is the reason why the platform has decided to match every donation made as an incentive to allow more users to start participating.

He added that the growth of virtual currencies led to the growth of virtual currency donations. In addition, they are very happy to help partner organizations continue to do a very positive job.

Cryptocurrencies are used for charitable donations in many different fields. It allows you to increase transparency and facilitate the process. According to some reports, $ 200 billion of cryptocurrencies have been donated to charity.

Perhaps one of the best known philanthropic projects in the cryptocurrency space is the Pineapple Fund. This project was able to donate over $ 55 million in cryptocurrencies to many charitable organizations. WeTrust Spring connects donors and charitable organizations allowing the crypto community to have a new connection with those who need it.

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