Weiss Ratings: Bitcoin will lose 50% of its market share in Ethereum over 5 years


Weiss Ratings, provider of market research and securities analysis on ETFs, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, banks and insurance companies, made a bold move stating that Ethereum will exceed 50% of Bitcoin's market share in the next 5 years [19659002] Bitcoin a "One Trick Pony"

Weiss's ratings came out swinging on September 18, making a bold prediction that Bitcoin (BTC) 0 0 will lose half of its market share in Ethereum (ETH) 0 0 within five years.

In addition, the research provider cited the world's first and most important cryptocurrency as a "pony one-trick", claiming that Ethereum has superior blockchain technology and that the limit of its application is "sky itself".

Immediately after the first tweet, however, the research provider took a much softer approach, apparently recognizing the inadequacy of his initial statement.

Painful contradictions

What is strange, however, is that Weiss Ratings is describing itself as "a leading national supplier of independent, impartial and reliable assessments of equities, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and financial institutions. "

The tweets described above are not only painfully distorted, but are also in direct contradiction with the company's previous position. Just a few days ago, on September 12, Weiss Ratings tweeted the following:

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