Weighted crown: bearish trend continues: Dow Jones closes in dark red | Message


Of the Dow Jones it went weakly in Monday’s trade and lost 0.53 percent to 28,185.82 points early. In the process he went further south: the final level was below 2.29% with 27,685.39 counters.

Concerns about rising new infections and lower hopes of further economic aid for the crown ahead of the US presidential election put a strain on the start of Dow Jones Industrial week.

At the end of last week, there was still the slightest hope that another Corona aid package to support the economy could be approved before the presidential elections in early November. This confidence has now given way to disenchantment after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin broke off their talks. They accuse each other of “changing the rules of negotiation” afterwards.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has announced sanctions after the sale of new US weapons to Taiwan, which also weighed on mood. “We will impose sanctions on US companies involved in arms sales,” said Zhao Lijian, spokesman for the Beijing Foreign Ministry.

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