Weekly Crude Oil Review: OPEC + Efforts to Limit Production and Three Other Positive Aids, Oil Prices Have Five Consecutive Positives on a Weekly Basis, and Beware of a Rebound in Drilling Platform Data_Foreign Exchange News_Fx678.com-汇通 网


  1. Crude Oil Weekly Review: OPEC + efforts to limit production and three other positive aids, oil price has five consecutive positives on the weekly line, be wary of drilling platform data rebound_Foreign exchange news report_ 汇通 网 www.fx678 .comHuitong
  2. OPEC + reached an agreement on the gradual easing of production cuts next yearSina
  3. OPEC + gradually cuts production, oil prices rise, oil and gas ringgit shares riseMalaysia Oriental Daily
  4. Oil Union-Dalian deal will gradually increase oil production and record a new 9-month high from JanuarySin Chew Daily
  5. Oil prices write 9-month high ringgit to test 4.06China Press
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